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Client Testimonials

“Private yoga with Neely is the best investment I have ever made in myself, both with my time and money.   As a new mom facing exhaustion and anxiety, I was seeking better balance and strength in ALL areas of my life (physical, emotional, spiritual).  I reached out to Neely for private yoga at home after taking some of her prenatal classes while pregnant.  We have been doing yoga together once a week for about 6 months now, and the difference it’s made in all areas of my life is totally incredible. 


Neely doesn’t just come over and teach you a yoga class like you would take in the studio.  She really takes the time to get to know you and your personal goals, and approaches each session based on how you’re feeling that day and what you’d like to focus on.  She has done an incredible way of setting me up with the basics, and doing so safely, respecting some tight muscles and a postpartum body.  She has a deep knowledge yoga andanatomy, so while she challenges me to keep progressing I have never been injured and feel confident we’re taking the time to develop proper alignment as I progress in my yoga journey.   


Neely has also introduced many Ayurvedic living habits in to my daily life, and I can honestly say I feel like a different person with more energy, clarity and perspective every single day.  Ayurveda had always been of interest to me, but can feel very overwhelming without someone like Neely able to simply break down her knowledge, introduce things little by little, and incorporate in to your yoga practice.


Neely is kind, knowledgeable, patient and lovely.  I am very grateful for her help on my yoga journey and will continue to rely on her for this huge aspect of my health!”  ~Sue W.

"Lucy's birth was such a better experience than Henry's even though both were inductions in the hospital. I would say at least half of the reason was that I was able to use the strategies I learned in prenatal yoga and the birth prep workshop. The other half was having a nurse midwife rather than an OB. I also had read Birthing from Within, which reinforced some of the ideas from yoga and your workshop.  I really wanted to let you know how helpful prenatal yoga was. Even during labor I was telling the nurse how that was the single best thing I could have done!"  ~Marin Ramey

"Hi Neely, You did it again! Just after the prenatal yoga class on the the 27th I started having regular contractions. I arrived at the hospital at 9 centimeters! We blew all the nurses and my midwife away with our swift, calm and natural delivery (and quick recovery too). Thank you so much for you support and guidance through pregnancy. You truly helped me prepare for our perfect birth experience. I will (and have many times already) refer you and your classes to all my friends. You are the best! You can't get rid of me that easily, though. I hope to be back in mommy and baby yoga soon. We are still getting some sort of schedule established around the house. I send all my best to everyone in class." ~Katie Main

"Baby Elin arrived at 2:06 am this morning after 22 hours of labor.  All natural and I got my VBAC!!!  But let me tell you, without my husband and doula, I would have quit!!! Damn was that hard, but it was the most powerful incredible thing I have ever done!!!!

Yoga helped TONS. Used a ton of it to get labor going and keep it going. Thank you thank you thank you :). So lucky to have you guiding me through two pregnancies!!!!" ~Jill Yashinsky-Wortman

"Neely is kind, centered, patient, sweet and a fantastic prenatal and postnatal yoga instructor. I took her classes my whole pregnancy and for a year after and I miss her so! Quick, take her classes!" ~Deanna Doyle

"Hi Neely, I was able to avoid induction and our boy, Atlas William, was born July 10 at 6pm! We just love him! He was 8 lbs 5 oz and 21.5 inches long. The birth was just what I had hoped, and I used yoga techniques while pushing. Thanks for everything, and I look forward to seeing you soon at mommy-baby yoga :) Thanks!" ~Danielle Hughes

"I can't imagine a better instructor or an easier birth thanks to my prenatal and postnatal yoga classes by Neely! LOVE you Neely! ♥" ~Heather Villa

"Hi Neely! We really enjoyed the Partner Yoga workshop! I gotta say, it's pretty effective, especially that Water Breaking water ended up breaking that night and we welcomed our daughter Eleanor on Monday afternoon! We used a lot of your tips during the labor, so thank you! It will probably be a bit until I see you again, but hopefully I will be able to attend one of your mommy and baby postnatal classes in the future." ~Lindsey & Jon

"My favorite Neely quote: "focus on that place between two thoughts…" ~Stephanie Behne

"Hi Neely! Baby George was born on June 6. Labor and delivery went so smoothly, it was amazing. And we were successful in doing a 100% natural birth at (hospital). I know much of the easy process was due to all of the yoga classes! So many tips and techniques came in handy. Thank you so much for teaching us mamas  :)" ~Rose

"Neely is a phenomenal prenatal yoga instructor and birth prep coach. She teaches with such compassion and respect. I'm looking forward to taking her post natal classes." ~Keri Jenkins

"Hello!  Wanted to let you know that we gave birth to a beautiful baby boy,  Calvin James Lawton,  on April 25th. He weighed in at 8lbs even and was 21 inches long.  I had a natural drug free birth with lots of accompanying back labor, uhg, so I used a lot of the techniques from your class to work through it all! So thank you!  ~Jen Lawton and baby Calvin

"Neely is an amazing mama and baby, kid friendly Yoga instructor. I attribute much of the success I had at natural childbirth to attending her prenatal yoga classes. Thank you!" ~Michelle Wigen


"Neely, So many times I meant to write you this message, so I am finally sitting down and doing it; keeping it short and sweet! I thoroughly enjoyed taking prenatal yoga classes with you back in Spokane and greatly missed it once I moved away (I didn't end up signing up for any more yoga for the pregnancy, which was pretty sad.) Anyway; my baby boy was born at 41+6, on August 2nd, a fabulous VBAC, although we did transfer to the hospital for non-reassuring fetal heart rate (the little rascal was holding onto his umbilical cord, probably squeezing it with every contraction, thereby slowing his own heart rate...) We went all natural, I had a 2nd degree tear, but my oh my how easy it was to recover from a vaginal birth compared to a cesarean! We even went to play in the park when Willow (Willow Emmanuel Ré is his full name) was only 2 days old :) I hope you are doing amazingly well and keeping up with the Yoga in Spokane, such a great service!" ~Maryse

"This is such a wonderful class!!! To all my friends with little ones, you should check it out. Awesome teacher & wonderful environment." ~Niki Morse

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